Exterior Solid Oak Ledge and Brace Door (Screwed and Bolted)

A traditional ledge and brace door for exterior use, screwed and bolted.
Exterior ledge and brace doors at Wittswood
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Exterior ledge and brace doors at Wittswood

Solid Oak Exterior Ledge and Brace Door (Screwed and Bolted)

This door is a ledge and brace door with extra stiles and is constructed with screws and bolts, this makes this door perfect for external use and the ledges are integrated into the stiles, all of these features gives the door extra strength and security. 

The door pictured has a stain on it to match a customers specification, we can do standard oak that is no problem.

All our doors are made of solid European Oak if you select an unfinished product knots will not be filled. If you have selected a Lacquered or Oiled finish all knots will be fill and sealed.

If you would prefer a clean finish (prime) free from knots or imperfections please select a prime grade from the drop down menu.

Available in a variety of sizes and finishes.

All of our doors are handmade in our factory in Lincolnshire, therefore we are able to make any custom size you require or adhere to any specifications you require.

Call the office on 01205 722700 for more information or a quote and a member of our team will be happy to help.


Prime - Tolerance on each face of two intergrown sound knots of 12mm maximum diamete, or this equivlent per linear metre. Slop of grain: almost straight .Not acceptable: sapwood, heart spiral and curly grain deterioration, cross grain, bark pocket, bore holes, warping. Surface checks tolerated.

Character- Presence on each face of small knots without limitation, and of a maximum of three sound knots per metre, maximum diameter not to exceed one half of the width of the timber or 40mm or equivalent.