Solid hardwood oak ledge and brace door Butt & Bead - kit (pieces machined ready to be assembled)

Traditional oak ledge and brace door - readymade
solid oak ledge and brace doors at Wittswood
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solid oak ledge and brace doors at Wittswood
solid oak ledge and brace doors at Wittswood
solid oak ledge and brace doors at Wittswood

Solid Oak Hardwood Ledge and Brace Doors Butt & Bead - Kit (pieces machined ready to be assembled)


Our Solid Hardwood Oak doors available are available in a choice of sizes and finishes.

This product is for a butt and bead door kit, butt and bead to both faces unless specified you just need to select your required size and finish.

Door boards are 21mm as are the ledges and braces, giving the door an overall thickness of 42mm.

These doors are handmade in a factory in Lincolnshire, therefore we are able to make any custom size you require.They are available to buy as a kit or as a complete door, although not pictured the braces are included but not fixed prior to despatch unless specified. The kit would consist of all machined parts ready to be glued together and the complete door would be complete apart from the diagonal braces which will come loose to able you to decide on which side you would like to hang your door.

All our doors are made of solid Oak, They are a rustic finish(character) and have natural knots . If you select an unfinished product knots will not be filled. If you have selected a Lacquered or Oiled finish all knots will be fill and sealed.

If you would prefer a clean finish (prime) free from knots or imperfections please select a prime grade from the drop down menu.

If you want a special size or would like some more information please call the office on 01205 722700 amd a member of our team will be happy to help.

Available complete with a hand forged ironmongery pack this includes :-

2 x Penny Tee Hinges 18" (a pair)

1 x Suffolk Latch set 

Supplied with necessary screws.