Solid Oak Taurus 65mm Architrave Set (7pieces)

Solid Oak Architrave Pack (7 pieces)
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Solid Oak Taurus 65mm Architrave set (7pieces)

Which contains-


2 x bottom pillars, which are 66 x 150mm


2 x top corner blocks, which are 66 x 66mm


1 x 1 metre top piece of architrave


2 x 2.1 metre upright architrave 62 x 21mm


This packs completes one side of your door. This set is a complete set for one side of a door, architrave is also available to buy per metre. The items all come with a highly durable lacquer coating. We can also make any special requirements you may have, for example : double doors.


Please call the office on 01205 722700  if you want a quote for any special requirements or if you need some more information and a member of our team will be happy to help.