Morrells Easy Oil 1 Litre

Morrells Easy Oil 1 Litre
flooring stain
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Morrells Easy Oil 1 Litre Tin


Our floor oils are made with a blend of the finest ingredients, including Linseed Oil to create a product that is easy to apply. It offers good durability against liquid spillages and offers some heat resistance. Our floor oils also contain anti slip properties and are ready for walking on within around 12 hours depending on the application and immediate environmental conditions.

The benefit of Floor oils is that they do not form a seal on the surface, instead they penetrate deep into the surface grain therefore keeping the wood supple and making it strong at the same time. Natural floor oils will continue to soak through the surface grain so future applications will be necessary, further coats of floor oil will however improve the effect as time goes on. It is recommended that 2 or 3 coats of natural floor oil are initially applied, the frequency of subsequent coats depends on the density of the timber although a fresh coat of floor oil once or twice a year is a good guideline.


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