Custom floors

All our flooring is manufactured in our Lincolnshire factory, which means we can do pretty much whatever you want!
White-finish custom floor sample at Wittswood
With shipment Post Small for £7.00

As a family business who manufacture in-house, we are albe to deliver the highest quality custom floors and accessories. All our floors are made to order, but what you see on this website is more of a guideline than representitve of the diversity of our work. Things we can offer include:

  • Unusual parquet patterns
  • Floors combining different kinds of wood
  • Matching or contrasting mouldings and accessories
  • All kinds of different finishes - for example we recently created a floor with an almost white finish to match a minimalist interior
  • Waterproof wooden flooring made from treated timber, which can be used in the bathroom

Basically, if you can design it we can probably make it, so if you're interested in something unusual, drop us a line on 01205 722 700 or fill in the form below for a quote or chat.