Frequently Asked Questions

How do we Construct Ledge and Brace Doors

See how to construct a Ledge and Brace Door with our You Tube "How to" Guide. To view please click on the link:-

What is the thickness of your ledge and brace doors?

As standard all of our door boards are 21mm thick as are the ledges and braces, although we do make everything on site to order so we can machine to different thicknesses if required.

How do you construct a ledge and brace door kit?

There is no set procedure for this but we would advise clamping the door boards together, we do not glue in between boards as this allows movement, we set the ledges 200mm from the top and bottom of the door and the middle ledge in the middle of the door. As standard our ledges are cut 30mm shorter than the width of the door to allow closing into the frame, so leave 15mm either side of the ledge when positioning. Once in place apply glue and clamp down onto the boards and we air nail and glue the ledges onto the boards. Although this can be done with any method of fixing you prefer.

What are your delivery times?

As everything is made on site to order we normally allow 2 weeks from point of order to delivery, although this can sometimes be quicker, once we despatch it, it's a next day service.

What courier do you use?

We use Tuffnells to deliver all of our orders, this is a next day tracked and insured service.

What coating would you apply to an exterior door or frame?

We use a Treatex UV Oil to coat our exterior door and frames if a coating is required, this is a 2 part system and has a light sand in between coats. We do also offer an exterior water based lacquer if you want something that has a glossy finish.

What size door linings do you offer?

Our door linings are 21mm x 120mm as standard but we can machine at any size you require, just contact a member of our team for more information. A door lining set would consist of 2 legs at 2100mm and a head at 1000mm. Our door lining sets also include the door stops at 44mmx12mm.

What size doors do you offer?

We make everything onsite to order in our factory in Lincolnshire so we specialise in bespoke sizes. Contact a member of our team for more information.

What lengths are your carpet and flooring bars available in?

We offer all of our carpet and flooring bars in 3 standard lengths of 864mm, 2000mm and 2400mm. Although if you need alternative sizes that is no problem just get in touch for a price.

What thickness floors are your carpet and flooring bars suitable for?

We offer our thresholds in rebate sizes of 9mm, 14mm, 18mm and 22mm.

Do you offer doors pre-hung in the frame?

Yes if the door and frame is purchased from ourselves we can pre-hang it for you for an extra cost of £51.84.

What grade timber do you use?

 As standard we use character grade oak unless specified although we do offer a prime grade if required.