Skirting Boards, You all have them!

You All Have skirting whether you look at them or not the majority of people will have skirting boards around their home or go to a place with it.


Skirting Boards have been used for years! The original purpose of them was to conceal the discontinuity of the floor up to the walls, but that is less common now with more people opting for carpets, but you still have them? They also serve many purposes in that they also protect the lower part of the wall from all kind of knocks and bumps which is common for that area of the walls.


Skirting Boards also have a decorative appeal in that they are visually pleasing and they can also now come in many shapes and sizes, and also the finish which they come in. Did you know you can get it in up to 14 different finished from Oak to a lovely walnut!


Check out some of our range of skirting in multiple finishes here:

Torus Skirting

Ledge and Brace Doors

A ledge and brace door are a traditionally build door which have been around for hundreds of years. They are made of Horizontal beams of wood which are known as the ledge and diagonal ones which are know as the braces. Which means it has a very strong construction.

This style of door has a lot of uses which it can be used for from rustic styles or for a strong door to being used externally from gates to sheds.

Ledge and brace doors used to be made from lesser quality woods but now they are available to be made from high quality woods such as the Solid European Oak which we make them out of.

They can also come in many different finishes from the unfinished wood, to having it oiled or lacquered.

All our Ledge and brace doors are handmade in our factory in Lincolnshire therefore we are able to make any custom size you require or adhere to any specifications you require. Call the office on 01205 722700 for more information or a quote and a member of our team will be happy to help.

You can also check out our range of Ledge and brace doors here or look at our exterior range of ledge and brace door here

Carpet Bars

What are they?

Carpet bars are a small section of wood which is used to make a clean finish to the flooring to join them together. This is used with a variety of different types which are detailed further down the blog post. They come in all different sizes and colours to be able to match most floor types and styles.


Where can they be used?

Carpet Bars are used to transition between different floors, this is with the use of the Carpet bar to make the finish look clean and well joined.

The Carpet bars also come in different thicknesses to suit your needs and fit the gap you have between your floors


Different Types

There are many different types of carpet bars which you can use.

  • Ramp Section

These are ideal for hardwood or laminate flooring to a vinyl floor. This is to allow the use of different height on each of the floors

  • Cover Strip

This product is designed to be used when you have fitted a solid, laminate or tiled floor of the same height (from floor to top of flooring) on both sides and the gap is too small for a standard moulding. Although it can be used for anything that has the same height both sides. It can also be used around the edge of your room when you have fitted your floor.

  • Carpet to Vinyl bar

This product is ideal for a carpet to vinyl. One side is 9mm for your carpet and the other slopes down to nothing.

  • Carpet to Carpet Bar

This product is a double rebated moulding, that is perfect for a carpet to carpet, although can be used with any surface if both sides have a thickness of 9mm.


All our Hardwood Carpet bars are made on-site so If you require specific dimensions please call our office and a member of our team will be happy to help you.

You can also check out our range of carpet bars here on the website by clicking this link:


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Solid Oak Ledge and Brace Doors

We have a range of solid oak ledge and brace doors on offer, with a variety of finishes and grades.

We make everything on site in our factory in Lincolnshire so we can adhere to any specific requirements you may have.

Standard door sizes are :-

610mm x 1980mm

685mm x 1980mm

760mm x 1980mm

838mm x 1980mm

We offer the doors in kit form (pieces machined ready to be put together) and also ready assembled.

Our doors are made with care and precision and really do offer a quality finish. Whether you want something authentic and rustic, ideal for a cottage or barn conversion or whether a more modern finish is what you require Wittswood is the place to be. 

Have a look at the link here

We also offer a range of exterior doors, some framed and some with sills

Contemporary Hardwood Flooring

If you associate wooden flooring with a heavily waxed example in a Georgian hallway and that isn’t really your style, put the image aside. One of the amazing things about hardwood is that it’s so versatile when it comes to interior design. With all the different woods and finishes available, there’s a hardwood floor to fit any mood.

A very pale wooden floor often has a more contemporary look than a darker one. The sample below is taken from a floor we made recently for a client who wanted a clean, minimalist look. We used oak and applied a very pale, matte finish.

Beautiful Oak Flooring Boston

Matte or unfinished boards can also have a much more contemporary look than a lacquered finish for example. These look particularly good in warehouse and other industrial building conversions. They’re also a great look for a modern kitchen.

Another way to achieve a really contemporary look with hardwood flooring is to use different kinds of wood, or the same wood in different finishes, in the same floor.

Take a look at our full flooring range here: