wooden floors in bathroom

New trend alert! Everyone is installing wooden floors in bathrooms!! But is it really worth it? We all know wood is prone to damage due to water spills or puddles. In this article, we will discuss installing wooden floors in a bathroom with its benefits, damaging aspects as well as precautions. But before that, let’s briefly discuss…

Why Wooden Flooring?

Wooden flooring has been a trend for a while now and there are many reasons. They’re one of the few eco-friendly construction alternatives which are pleasant in appearance, don’t lose colour or lustre and can last for generations if taken care of. The care in question isn’t much because wooden flooring is low maintenance. Moreover, hardwood goes with any décor theme, many colour hues and moreover, it improves the air quality in the environment. Best part? Installing hardwood flooring increases the value of your house!

So agreed – there are endless benefits of wooden floor installation but is it a suitable option for your bathroom?

Wooden Floors in Bathroom

Flip through any interior design magazine or scroll through endless Pinterest boards, you may find many professional designers or influencers showing off their bathrooms featuring a lush layer of sun-kissed wood. They look so clean, stylish and relaxing that one may wonder if the owners even use them or just come around once in a while to admire their pretty bathrooms as a getaway from their hectic lives.

Today, more and more people are installing hardwood in their bathrooms primarily for its appearance. And I can’t blame them! Being surrounded by the warm hues of wood grain and losing the track of time is not time wasted but time well spent. Moreover, the soft yet warm feel of the wood under one’s feet is something worth experiencing every morning. If that’s not enough, due to hardwood’s natural longevity, wooden flooring is a go-to!

However, as we all know, hardwood is prone to damage when it comes in contact with any liquid substance and bathroom is a place where you simply can’t avoid water.

For this very reason, only engineered wood is apt for bathrooms wherein wooden planks are tightly clipped together and don’t create any space for water to seep through. Moreover, engineered wood planks are comparatively stronger and stand the test of time. But installing engineered wood alone is not enough.

Here are some of the common aspects which can damage your wooden floors in bathroom:

• If your bathroom’s flooring surface is not even all across, the water will inevitably flow from one end to another and can damage the hardwood flooring.

Accidental puddles happen. In bathroom, we use water as well as other cleaning solutions such as shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and so on, wherein many of these solutions have chemicals in their compound. Therefore, any puddles on the floor can affect the floorboards, causing damage and discolouration.

Water leakage is another possibility that can harm your floorboards.

• If your bathroom does not have any windows or extractor fans installed, the room will be packed with moisture that can damage the wooden floor.

Is you’re thinking ‘that’s too many damaging factors!’ don’t worry! Here are some easy precautions for your wooden floors in bathroom:

• One of the most effective ways to protect hardwood is to refinish it once every few months. Hard-wax oils and Lacquers are recommended for bathroom finishes. Hard-wax oil seeps inside the grains and keeps your wood lustrous but more importantly, restricts water from damaging the surface. Contrarily, lacquer acts as a shield over your hardwood and protects it against any liquid substance.

• Having windows or extractor fans installed in your bathroom will eradicate all moisture from the environment which will ensure your floorboard’s longevity.

• Another way to protect your flooring is using mats! For this, we would suggest water-resistant and anti-slip mats and make sure to secure them around the spots where water will especially spill. Mats also make sure that once you step out of the tub or the shower your feet are patted dry, leaving no possibility for water to trail behind. Thus, mats are the perfect shield to protect your wooden floorboards.

• Always keep an eye out for any fixtures in need of plumbing. As mentioned above, leakage is common and therefore, must be taken care of as soon as possible.

• Similarly, puddles may end up on your floorboard, so make sure that you clear them off as soon as possible.

• Spot a crack in the floorboard? Get it fixed immediately. Any space left opened will allow moisture or dirt to seep through. Therefore, always keep an eye out for cracks.


While hardwood is famous for its low maintenance properties, we must admit that it does ask for a little precaution and maintenance in the bathroom. However, if you take these precautions properly and take care of your wooden flooring, then hardwood is the best option to grace your wooden floors in bathroom. I mean its warm feel and appearance as well as the lustre of natural grains are some factors that definitely make it worth it!

If you'd like, you can browse through our e-store for flooring options. For bathrooms, call us and one of our team members would be happy to assist you. 

Need help with oiling the floor? You’ve got it! Read How to Oil Wood Flooring - Complete Guide!

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When it comes to designing an interior, many big and small factors go into the plan and the progress. One such element is a Skirting Board. While it’s a small detail in a space, it plays an important role.

What is Skirting?
Skirting is a common interior element that all of us have seen but may not recognize by the term. Skirting boards – also known as baseboards - run along the perimeter of a room where flooring and walls meet. Skirting boards are commonly wooden and are used to cover the base of walls.

Chamfer Skirting
Chamfer Skirting

What are Skirting Boards For?
Floor installation often ends up leaving unequal surfaces on the edge. Or worse, a gap between flooring and wall! This gap can make space for dust and debris which is hard to clean off due to the narrow space, moreover makes room for wiring which can be dangerous if left uncovered.

The gap can make walls and floors more vulnerable to damage. Due to the very gap, flooring will eventually lose its durability with no support on its ends. Moreover, when a floor is being mopped, walls can absorb water which can damage them. Any furniture set against the wall can also leave scratches and marks. Overall, no skirting boards ask for frequent repairs and high maintenance.

That’s why skirting boards are so important. They cover the gap between flooring and walls, cover the wiring and don’t allow any dust or debris to enter that narrow space. This indirectly contributes to your flooring’s longevity.

Skirting Boards also shield the walls and protect them against any liquid solution on the floor. Moreover, due to the board’s thickness, it doesn’t allow any furniture to stand flush against the wall and therefore, protects the wall from any possible knocks and scratches. Skirting Boards also bring a professional and clean appearance to your interior. Ultimately Skirting acts as a protective shield and support to your flooring as well as your walls.
But do not confuse Skirting with Beading.

What is the difference between Skirting and Beading?
Both are the strip that runs along the base of the wall and the perimeter of the room. However, the minor difference is that the skirting covers the wide gap between the wall and the flooring.

However when you get new flooring installed it leaves a gap between the floor and the existing skirting. Reinstalling skirting boards can be expensive and time-consuming. Thus, this gap is covered by beading.

There are two types of beading - Scotia and Quadrant, differentiated based on their shape and appearance. While Scotia gives you a concave curve, Quadrant gives you a convex curve.

Hardwood Quadrant Beading 17mm     Hardwood Scotia Beading 21mm

Coming back to Skirting, interestingly enough, while it is a small (and important) detail in a space, it is available in great variety in the market, ranging across various types of materials and profiles.

In this article we will list some of the most durable and stylish Hardwood Skirting Board Profiles for you and your interiors:

Bullnose Skirting Board
If you have a minimalistic style, this skirting profile is the one for you! Bullnose – also known as ‘pencil round’ - is a minimalistic skirting board; a simple profile that consists plain and smooth surface with a small radius at the top. Due to its wide popularity in the market, it is commonly used by professionals as well as general enthusiasts.

Bullnose Skirting
Bullnose Skirting Board

One of the common reasons behind its popularity is its low maintenance design. Its simple profile makes it easy to clean, and moreover, it’s stylish and compliments almost any interior theme. It brings a neat finish to the space. Due to its simplicity, it’s also one of the rare skirting options which look elegant with any height or depth.

Chamfer Skirting Board
The chamfer is the standard skirting board in the UK which is popular for its simple yet modern profile. Its body is much like Bullnose but instead of a smooth surface, it takes a sharp steep cut upwards. It’s neither traditional nor extraordinary, yet it's stylish and just the right profile to compliment most interior designs. It goes along the best with contemporary interiors.

Hardwood Chamfer Skirting
Chamfer Skirting Board

Like bullnose, Chamfer’s simplicity makes it easy to clean which contributes to its durability and longevity. This profile is considered popular among the traders of the industry.

Ogee Skirting Board
If you’re a fan of everything fancy, Ogee might be the right skirting profile for you! It is a classic skirting board that features a wavy profile and brings a fancy element to the interior.

Ogee Skirting
Ogee Skirting Board

This profile subtly stands out without being excessive and compliments traditional as well as modern spaces. An interesting fact? Under the right angle of the lamp’s gleam, its wavy profile leaves an elegant shadow that indirectly contributes to the interior and is pleasing to the viewer. Therefore, this skirting board never goes out of style. More importantly, it is highly durable and can effortlessly stand the test of time. Therefore, it is commonly used by professionals.

Note: You may not find a uniform curvy profile of the Ogee skirting board as its design differs depending upon the manufacturer.

At Wittswood we can adhere to any specifications and requirements so we can also create a custom design as per your preferences as well as any other specifications.

Torus Skirting Board
You might be familiar with Torus skirting boards because this is one of the best-selling skirting profiles all over the UK and has led the trend for a while now. Torus features a simple profile with a semi-circular tube running along with the board.

Torus Skirting
Torus Skirting Board

It is stylish yet minimalistic and available in a wide range. This profile is easy to clean and requires low maintenance which makes it is one of the most durable profiles. Moreover, it compliments almost all interior themes. Due to its popularity and features, it is commonly used by traders.

At Wittswood, we enjoy working on custom projects. So if you have any specifications or would like to get something entirely new and innovative, whether skirting or any other product, we’re so up for it and guarantee the quality of our work.

All our skirting boards are available in the following hardwoods - Oak, Ash, Sapele, Maple and Beech.

You can also get a wide range of stains: Graphite, Antique Oak, Cappuccino, Harvest Oak, Toffee, Walnut, Barley and Golden Oak.

If you’d like to know more about Flooring Accessories, you can read our blog - Accessorise Your Hardwood Flooring!

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We hope this article was helpful. For any queries, orders or specifications, you can call us on 01205 722 700!

Have a lovely day!

We all spend a lot of time on social media and we often find ourselves spending hours and hours watching factory videos. The way the machines work, the process of creating an item. Things that we all use in our day to day lives, its fun to dig a little deeper and learn a little more about their history. Wood working is one such industry which everyone enjoys watching and learning about. Especially in the time of climate change, we’ve some to a point where it doesn’t seem possible reverse the climate change. This has led many people to finally switching to eco-friendly items, from their toothbrush to their home décor, everything wooden! Woodworking is on the rise today and for the better.

At Wittswood all our products are made of 100% sustainable wood. While we pride ourselves for contributing in the sustainable world, it’s a bonus that working in a factory can be de-stressing for us. The woodworking machines and the manufacturing is always so interesting and rather satisfying to engage with.

We are woodworkers based in Lincolnshire and are surrounded by machines every day, all day. We love our job and would not trade it for anything. The way the machines work, carving and crafting a simple log of wood into something creative and innovative makes our hours of hard work worth it in the end.

There are a lot of woodworking machines which contribute in the process. If you’d like, you can have a virtual tour around our factory and explore all the machines and our workplace!

In this article, we would like to give you an insight of our factory and tell you about all the woodworking machines it takes to transform a piece of wood into something innovative.

1. Resaw Machine
A Resaw Machine is one of the most useful machines in a wood factory. It is a cutting wood machine. The Resaw Machine cuts all sawn boards to the correct width. So if you want multiple boards cut to the same size, this machine might be your go-to.

A Resaw Machine is one of the most useful machines in a wood factory which cuts wood all sawn boards to the correct width.

2. Wadkin Moulder
A Timber Moulder is used to machine all the boards to the correct profile. If you are a wood worker or simply take interest in wood working, you would know that there are a lot of wood profiles and styles which are often not easy to carve by hand. In such case, a timber moulder is a great equipment to get just the right profile quickly and easily. Below you can find pictures of our moulded Beading - Scotia and Quadrant. 

Scotia is a type of beading which gives you a concave curve.   Quadrant is a type of beading which gives you a convex curve.

3. Weinig Optimiser
While working on wooden items, in majority of the cases we primarily need solid planks and panels of the wood to progress the complete product. For this task, your go-to machine is the Optimising Saw which automatically cross cuts the wood. It is time saving, maximises productivity and promises quality of work.

Optimising Saw automatically cross cuts the wood. It is time saving, maximises productivity and promises quality of work.

4. Tagliabue Multi-Head Profile Sander
Sanding machines for wood are one of the most important and common equipment at a woodworking site. However, when it comes to stylish and complex profiles, it can be a task to sand them over. That’s why Wittswood uses a multi-head profile sander which does a great job at sanding narrow corners or tight angles of the wooden items. Moreover, while sanding can be time consuming, this machine makes it rather easy and time efficient. Below you can find the picture of our sanded Solid Oak Torus Architrave. 

Sanding machines for wood are one of the most important and common equipment at a woodworking site. Wittswood uses a multi-head profile sander which does a great job at sanding narrow corners or tight angles of the wooden items. Moreover, while sanding can be time consuming, this machine makes it rather easy and time efficient.

5. Briquette Bagging Machine
Wittswood provides eco hardwood briquettes but bagging the briquettes can be a hectic task, especially when you have various order bespoke products to manufacture and deliver. That’s why, we use a Briquette Bagging Machine which makes the task of bagging briquettes so much easier and quick.

Wittswood provides eco hardwood briquettes but bagging the briquettes can be a hectic task, especially when you have various order bespoke products to manufacture and deliver. That’s why, we use a Briquette Bagging Machine which makes the task of bagging briquettes so much easier and quick.

6. Orion Orbital Wrapper
At Wittswood we like to work on unique, custom projects which means we often have the responsibility of safely delivering big and odd-shaped items. It can be difficult to package them well and that’s why we have using fully automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine.

Second Hand Shrink Wrap Machine is up for sale on eBay. Fully automatic shrink wrapping machine is cost effective and works in a perfect condition. If you’re looking for a quality wrapper at a reasonable cost, please reach out to us.

This machine has proven to be one of the most useful and cost effective machines in our workplace. Despite using it for more than a decade, it still works in a perfect condition. Unfortunately, we’re relocating and can’t bring this machine with us. Currently this machine, Orion HRW50A Orbital Wrapper is up for sale on ebay. If you’re looking for a second hand Shrink Wrap Machine in a good condition and at a reasonable price, please reach out to us @ 01205 722700.

Second Hand Shrink Wrap Machine is up for sale on eBay. Fully automatic shrink wrapping machine is cost effective and works in a perfect condition. If you’re looking for a quality wrapper at a reasonable cost, please reach out to us.

If you’d like, have a tour around our factory where you will find all the machines mentioned in this article and more.

Ultimately, we believe that every product determines its own production method and therefore its own set of machines. At Wittswood, we never compromise on the machines or the requirements of the product and thus, we are able to offer quality in our work. All our products are made to measure with 100% Solid Oak. We use some of the most advanced and high-tech machines at our workplace to produce strong yet stylish custom items for our clients. If taken care of well enough, our products can last a lifetime.

Some of our most popular products are Ledge and Brace Doors. If you’d like to know more about Ledge and Brace doors, head to our blog - Types of popular and durable Ledge and Brace Doors - AVAILABLE NOW!!

If you’re thinking about switching to wooden floors, don’t miss our blog - An Honest Guide to Wood Floor Installation!

Have any queries? Need advice? Want to place an order? Please reach out to us @ 01205 722 700!

We all love warm and cosy cottages, don’t we? But you know what’s something that brings out the magic of cottages other than their warm colours and cosy atmosphere? Their doors! Or, to be more specific, Ledge and Brace doors!

There is a reason behind every vintage thing carrying a feeling of comfort and classy. Similarly, Ledge and Brace doors, despite the fact that they’re mere doors in one’s house, do wonders with their appearance!

If you’re unfamiliar with the glory of Ledge and Brace doors, let me introduce you first.

The ledge and brace doors are made of Hardwood. Planks of wood are assembled together to make the door which is supported by horizontal 'ledges' and diagonal 'braces'.

Talking about its brief history, in the earliest time, there were various types of doors. One of the most common were double-plank doors which are constructed by assembling vertical planks supported by horizontal planks. By the 17th century, four-plank doors became quite popular.
Initially, these planks were assembled using the treenails but eventually, woodworkers started using iron nails which resulted in longer life of the doors.

By the 19th century, these doors were mechanized and became what we know today as ‘Ledge and Brace doors.'

The reason behind their popularity is believed to be the simple construction which makes them easier to maintain. All doors eventually start rotting at places that ask for an absolute replacement, however, if you have a Ledge and Brace door, you can simply get that decaying part replaced by a new one and not necessarily the entire door.

Today, Ledge and Brace Doors are commonly found in cottages and modern houses - both, urban and country.

They're one of the most affordable door options which are highly durable and come in various standard sizes and custom designs. At Wittswood you'll find a wide variety of Ledge and Brace doors. You can have a Ledge and Brace door kit!

While there are endless variations of Ledge and Brace doors, in this article we will feature some of the most popular and durable Ledge and Brace door options. 

You can find all the featured Ledge and Brace Doors Made-to-Measure at Wittswood store.

Ledge and Brace Door

We all love a traditional, simple Ledge and Brace door! Ledge and Brace doors are elegant and bring warmth to the room. That cosy feeling of a cottage. At Wittswood you can get Ledge and Brace doors as both - a ready-made door or a kit.

This picture features a Ledge and Brace Door against a rolling shutter door. There is a Wittswood logo at the bottom left of the image.

What is the difference? When you go for a ready-made door, all you need to do is give us the required size and finish. You get the door complete and ready to be installed except for the diagonal braces. We deliver loose diagonal braces so you can decide on which side you'd like to hang your door.

The kit, on the other hand, comes with all the machined parts ready to be assembled and glued together.

Ledge and Brace Door with Arch

A smooth door with Arch never runs out of style and through history, even to this very day, it has retained its popularity!

This picture features a Ledge and Brace Door with Arch against a rolling shutter door. There is a Wittswood logo at the bottom right of the image.

A Ledge and Brace Door with Arch door brings a traditional and aesthetic appeal to the doors, and therefore your home. At Wittswood we cut arch as per the customer's template or depending on the size of the door.

Ledge and Brace Butt and Bead Door

Ledge and Brace doors with Butt and Bead planks? I’m so in!

This image features a ledge and brace butt and bead door. There is a black bold text at the foot of the door which reads 'Butt & Bead'. The background appears to be a wood factory. Behind the door there are two blue trolleys stacked with machined wooden planks. There is a Wittswood Logo at the bottom right of the image.

If you’re unfamiliar, bead and butt are the wooden planks that carry a thin coating of beads running along the edge. As a finished door, the planks fit against each other with a thin bead separating each plank. Add the ledges and braces to the door and…viola! You end up with a neat and stylish door!

The Bead and Butt can be purchased as a ready-made door and a kit!

Red Oak Ledge and Brace Door

Do you live on a busy street? Or is your house noisy? If yes, then you must go for Red Oak! It excludes noises and allows you a calming environment, moreover, it is also a great insulator. To point out some more qualities, it is also affordable, durable and stylish! Trust me, it’s the best option!

This is an up close picture of a Red Oak Ledge and Brace Door with Butt and Bead. There are three wooden planks appearing in the picture with a think coating of beads running between the planks. Due to the close up, the wood grain is also visible.

Thinking about Ledge and Brace? Must go for Red Oak Ledge and Brace Door for these bonus qualities of Red Oak!

Red Oak Ledge and Brace Door Butt and Bead

Add the elegance of Butt and Bead with the various qualities of Red Oak and apply them to the timeless Ledge and Brace Doors! Now that’s something no one would want to miss out on! It’s a powerful door indeed!

Solid hardwood red oak ledge and brace door Butt & Bead

Get the ready-made door or a kit! And enjoy the perks of three great elements in one product!

Ledge and Brace Glazed Panel Door

When it comes to doors, we all want a little privacy but also want to see what’s out there. Imagine a room with no view of the outside world! Awful, isn’t it? Exactly my point! Therefore a Panel door makes us feel safer and a little view of the world outside keeps our own home environment feeling freer.

This picture features a Ledge and Brace Glazed Panel Door. The background appears to be a wood factory. Behind the door is a big blue machine. There is a Wittswood logo at the bottom left of the image.

Add Ledge and Brace Glazed Panel Door and… perfect! Our standard doors are glued and air nailed together. The option of screw and pellet is also available.

Ledge and Brace Stable Door

Accept it or not but Stable Doors make us all feel a little excited! Moreover, swipe through any interview of Vogue’s 73 Questions and you’ll find a good couple of celebrities greeting the camera from behind their Stable Doors!

This image features a Solid Hardwood Oak Ledge and Brace Stable Door displayed against a rolling shutter door.

If you aren’t familiar, stable doors allow you to open the upper or the bottom half of the door independently. They’re one of the trendiest doors!

Get the magical tough of Ledges and Braces on your Stable Door with its endless qualities to exude glamour and embrace security! That’s a rare combination so you should definitely go for it!

Ledge and Brace Door screwed and bolted

Adding extra stiles to a Ledge and Brace door and constructing one using screws and bolts with the ledges integrated into the stiles, we get this masterpiece.

This image features an Exterior Solid Oak Ledge and Brace Door which is Screwed and Bolted.

Since a lot of tools and work go into making this door, the Ledge and Brace Door Screwed and Bolted holds more strength than other doors and therefore makes an ideal option for your house's security with an element of style. These qualities make it the best door for external use. Safety with a style statement? In Simon Cowell's voice, I don't like it, I LOVE IT!!

At Wittswood, all doors are made of solid European Oak. They give a rustic character and have natural knots.

If you choose to go for an unfinished product, knots will not be filled. However, if you go for a Lacquered or Oiled finish, all knots will be filled and sealed. You can also go for a clean prime finish, free from knots or imperfections!

All our doors are handmade in our factory in Lincolnshire, therefore we can adhere to any custom sizes, styles or any other specifications you require. Doors are available to buy as a kit or as a ready-made door.

What are you waiting for then? Get your Ledge and Brace installed now and embrace the warmth and safety it brings to your home environment.

In fact, why not switch to Hardwood entirely? It has endless benefits!

Learn about the pros and cons of Hardwood and its various other alternatives with an insight into its durability and affordability! Formulate the right Hardwood flooring option for your house with our Honest Guide to Wood Floor Installation!

Or directly call us! We’ll be happy to assist you! Wittswood has been in the woodwork industry for decades and prides itself on it. We bring the best Hardwood solution for you and your home décor! Call us @ 01205 722 700!

Explore our wide range of timber products and services!

Here’s to strong, stylish doors and the security of your home!