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Solid Oak Ledge and Brace Doors

We have a range of solid oak ledge and brace doors on offer, with a variety of finishes and grades.

We make everything on site in our factory in Lincolnshire so we can adhere to any specific requirements you may have.

Standard door sizes are :-

610mm x 1980mm

685mm x 1980mm

760mm x 1980mm

838mm x 1980mm

We offer the doors in kit form (pieces machined ready to be put together) and also ready assembled.

Our doors are made with care and precision and really do offer a quality finish. Whether you want something authentic and rustic, ideal for a cottage or barn conversion or whether a more modern finish is what you require Wittswood is the place to be. 

Have a look at the link here http://wittswood.co.uk/doors

We also offer a range of exterior doors, some framed and some with sills http://wittswood.co.uk/collections

Contemporary Hardwood Flooring

If you associate wooden flooring with a heavily waxed example in a Georgian hallway and that isn’t really your style, put the image aside. One of the amazing things about hardwood is that it’s so versatile when it comes to interior design. With all the different woods and finishes available, there’s a hardwood floor to fit any mood.

A very pale wooden floor often has a more contemporary look than a darker one. The sample below is taken from a floor we made recently for a client who wanted a clean, minimalist look. We used oak and applied a very pale, matte finish.

Beautiful Oak Flooring Boston

Matte or unfinished boards can also have a much more contemporary look than a lacquered finish for example. These look particularly good in warehouse and other industrial building conversions. They’re also a great look for a modern kitchen.

Another way to achieve a really contemporary look with hardwood flooring is to use different kinds of wood, or the same wood in different finishes, in the same floor.

Take a look at our full flooring range here: http://www.wittswood.co.uk/flooring