Hardwood Skirting Bullnose 125mm per metre

Bullnose Skirting
Hardwood Skirting Bullnose 150mm per metre
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Hardwood Skirting Chamfer 125mm per metre
Hardwood Skirting Chamfer 125mm per metre

Hardwood Bullnose Skirting


This Skirting is made from Solid Hardwood and is 125mm from floor to top. This product is ideal to complete the look of your room and is also available in a Torus style, which is a more ornate finish as opposed to the streamlined Bullnose style. This skirting is also available between 75mm and 200mm floor to top, we also do the Torus style in this height also.

We are happy to help with any special requirements you may have regarding skirting and any other product in our range.